Ron Turcotte Opens New Firm

For Immediate Release
December 31, 2015

Ron Turcotte Leaves Aurora to Open New Firm
Focused on Distressed Debt Opportunities

Scottsdale, AZ— Effective December 31st Ron Turcotte, who has been the Managing Partner of Aurora Management Partners Inc. for the past 11 years, has left Aurora to start Cratos Advisors, Inc.
Ron stated that “The entire Aurora team did a lot of great restructuring work over the last eleven years and many of those engagements were focused not only on fixing the business but more importantly, on enhancing recovery for the various stakeholders by cleaning up a bloated and complex capital structure. I’m now going to focus on pursuing these complex distressed debt opportunities and enhancing recovery through creative operational and balance sheet restructuring. Not every distressed company is truly distressed; in many cases through the sale process and in some cases multiple sales transactions, the company gets burdened with a debt and equity structure that it just can’t support”.
Cratos Advisors, Inc. is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and has professional staff throughout the US and Canada that will continue to provide traditional financial and operational restructuring with a heavy focus on distressed debt opportunities that require long-term reorganizations, in many cases with interim C-level management and major balance sheet restructuring.
Cratos and Aurora will have an ongoing relationship and they will continue to fulfill their joint obligations for all current Aurora engagements.
Cratos Advisors is pleased to introduce its team of professionals:
• Ron Turcotte, CTP, Managing Partner based in Scottsdale, AZ
• Charlie Soule, CTP, Senior Managing Director based in Orlando, FL
• David Houseman, Managing Director based in Chattanooga, TN
• Dennis Gerrard, CTP, Managing Director based in Naples, FL
• Jim Ebbert, CTP, Managing Director based in Portland, ME
• Richard Kennedy, CTP, Director based in Charlotte, NC
• Lynn Huras, Director based in Toronto, ON
• Jason Shulick, CPA, Senior Advisor based in Scottsdale, AZ
• Todd Peterson, Senior Advisor based in Scottsdale, AZ

Cratos Advisors, Inc. professionals have assisted hundreds of debtor clients to achieve improved operations and/or survival with turnaround and restructuring programs focused on optimizing operations prior to financial restructuring. Our professional services include but are not limited to Chief Restructuring Officer, Financial and Operational Advisors, Bankruptcy Advisory, Corporate Recovery, Crisis Management, Interim Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Operational Evaluations, Refinancing and the Sale of Businesses or Assets.
Mr. Turcotte is scheduled to be on a distressed debt panel at the ACG Capital Connection in Atlanta on February 10th and 11th… Cratos Advisors is also a co-sponsor of the opening reception at the 2016 Distressed Investing Conference in Las Vegas on February 17th. Cratos Advisors professionals will be at both of these events so please stop by to meet them and learn more about the services we offer.
To learn more about our services and our professional team you can also visit or contact Ron Turcotte, Managing Partner, at 770-605-7100 or email

Cratos Advisors, Inc.
7047 E. Greenway Pkwy.
Suite 250
Scottsdale, AZ 85254




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