Industry Experience

The Power of Experience and a Fresh Perspective


A fresh look through a new set of lenses can always be beneficial to a struggling business. Independent experts can provide invaluable insights whether they come from the same industry or not. Solutions to difficult situations can often times transcend the industry within which a company exists. However, when a client feels industry experience is a necessary component of their engagement, Cratos Advisors can provide the depth and breadth of experience from across many fields including:


• Agribusiness
• Automotive Tier 1 & 2
• Automotive Aftermarket
• Building Materials
• Construction
• Distribution
• Food & Beverage
• General Manufacturing (Consumer Products, Ceramics, Glass, Lumber, Metals, Paper, Plastics, Textiles)
• Health Care
• Imports
• Oil & Gas Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Retail
• Pharmaceuticals
• Professional Services
• Real Estate Development
• Recycling
• Restaurants
• Technology
• Utilities